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    About us

    Who we are

    Robotic Process Automation professionals, ready to help your business define and automate regular routine processes and make your business more effective. Operating in Western and Eastern Europe, we combine best of both worlds to deliver the most efficient solution to you.

    What we do

    We create robotics system that help businesses automate business processes that no longer require human involvement. We help making your work tasks easier, safer and more efficient.

    How we can help

    We are ready to discover which business processes can be automated, to proof the concept with you, document it, develop these processes via RPA platform, integrate it to your system and support the implementation. More...

    What is RPA?

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a breakthrough technology that enables computer systems to process rules-based or repetitive tasks in the same way as person does, freeing human capital to focus on more important business aims. The RPA concept allows you to bring your business to the next level, enhance its quality, economy and efficiency.

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    Time saving

    Robots provide fast data processing, which is their main advantage over people.

    High quality

    Using RPA guarantees the accuracy of the tasks and errors minimization due the human factor elimination.

    Cost saving

    CCI-Technology can provide outsourced RPA at considerable lower cost than traditional FTE´s.

    Round-the-clock availability

    RPA “robots” are available to work continuously and effectively without taking breaks for coffee or lunch.

    No system integration

    Simple interaction with existing system without transformation the way a user does.

    Employee job satisfaction

    Delivering routine and repetitive tasks to RPA “robots” will allow employees to focus on more creative tasks of a higher importance.

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    Contact us if you`d like to apply RPA to your particular business or industry

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    End-to-end RPA process flow

    CCI-Technology RPA team provides a full-scale end-to-end RPA implementation. We can help you with each step of automation process.

    • 1. Identify process to automate

      During this step we`ll help you to identify the processes which are feasible for automation and find out their specifications together with your team.

    • 2. Process documentation

      To ensure everything will run smoothly, it is important to document the process in minute detail, specify all of its use cases. In order to make this step easier, we have designed Interactive Process Definition & Documentation (IPDD) system, which guarantees you can document your processes in a fast, efficient and secure way.

    • 3. RPA development

      After the documented process description is approved by business, our team will begin the development stage. We’ll choose the appropriate RPA solution and configure the process using the RPA system of your choice.

    • 4. RPA implementation

      We’ll integrate RPA system into your IT architecture without any IT landscape transformations and ensure continuous support and improvements of RPA.

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