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    Manage all aspects
    of HR administration in one single solution.

    Ensure GDPR compliance with the Fully digital solution, which combines selfservice, assests management, organization illustrations and employee profile into one coherent solution.

    Personalized Overview

    Why perform manual processes when you can let HR Masterdata do it?

    It includes:

    • Employee Profile

      One individual profile per employee, including all personal data and organizational information such as department, contact data and family information.

    • Self-service

      Each employee can handle and access their own personalized self-service module.

    • Assets management

      One overview of all equipment (computers, monitors, phones etc.) provided to the employee.

    • Organizational Diagram

      Automatic update of the online organizational diagram.

    • Salary calculation

      Easy-to-use salary calculation for salary distribution within one department.

    • Reminders

      Individual reminders of missing data in employee profile.

    • ONE overview

      All HR data available in one overview.

    • E-signatures.

      Electronic signature and verification.

    • Data transfer

      All data is re-used in other phases of the employee life cycle.

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    Use cases

    With SmartPerformers HR Masterdata you automise the employee management.

    Initially all employee data is entered by the employee and any changes can also be performed by the employees int eh selfservice module. In case there is missing information an automatic reminder will be send to the employee and listed in the HR managers overview.

    As an example of automatic processes - Salary negotiations is also supported in the solution – if a predefined budget for salary raise is assigned to a specific department the solution will propose the distribution of salaries to all individual employee either as a % of the existing salary or as a % of the total budget. When the manager and an employees has negotiated a raise the solution automatically adjust the remaining budget. The result is time saving and reduced number of mistakes.

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    Selected benefits from a SmartHomeWorkers implementation:

    • Efficiency

      The fully automatic solution reduces the manual workload and ensures a more efficient employee administration.

    • Scalable

      Our cloud-based solution allows you to start small and add new features when you need them.

    • Free Solution

      We offer a FREE starter version for your first 50 employees of our HR Master Data which let you pay as you grow.

    • GDPR Compliant by Design

      All data is stored and handled in a portal which ensures an automatic GDPR compliance.

    • One solution

      HR Masterdata is part of a portal which includes 20 further modules so you can add new modules when needed without any new integration or new cumbersome IT projects.

    • Efficient

      Each employee can manage their own data without having to involve HR.

    • Security

      GDPR and Security compliant by design

    • Data transfer

      All data is re-used in other phases of the employee life cycle – so no need for new IT projects.

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